Unbranded Playpens for Babies

Unbranded Playpens For Babies

Playpens provide a safe place for babies to play, whether you are at home or on-the-go and are a lifesaver for parents who need to accomplish tasks around the home. They allow busy moms and dads to let their baby play unsupervised for short periods of time while they attend to other household responsibilities. These parenting essentials tend to vary in size and features and come in a wide array of styles. Knowing which key features best suit your needs makes it possible to find a playpen that offers peace of mind while your little one plays.

What Size Playpen Do I Need?

Playpens vary in size, from small rectangular pack-and-plays to large hexagonal units. When searching for a play yard, take available space into consideration with respect to where you intend to place the unit. While small playpens are ideal for confined spaces, larger playpens allow babies the freedom to roam around and provide for optimal comfort. You should also keep the size of your child in mind. Babies grow quite quickly, and thus a larger playpen allows for extended use.

What Type of Material is Best?

Playpens are constructed from various materials, including plastic, mesh and wood, and you should consider the benefits of each as you shop. Mesh playpens provide ideal ventilation while allowing you clear visibility of your baby. When purchasing one, make sure that the holes in the mesh are no larger than ¼ inch to prevent small fingers or clothing embellishments from becoming stuck in them. You should also check the mesh periodically to ensure that no tears or rips have developed. Likewise, if the playpen is wooden, the spaces between each slat should not be more than 2 ? inches.

What Features Should I Look For?

While some playpens offer the bare minimum, others come packed with state-of-the-art features. For optimal versatility, opt for a playpen that is lightweight and folds quickly and compactly when its not in use. This is especially important for those planning to use the playpen during travel. You will also want to look for a playpen that comes with a carrying case but remember to not overlook safety features. Padding on the playpen rails will protect against bumps and bruises, while well-protected hinges and supports help to prevent your babys fingers from incurring injury. Additionally, the locks on the safety gates (if any) should always be out of your babys reach.