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Under Armour is an American company that specialises in sports footwear and apparel. If you are an active person and are looking for high quality sportswear, then look no further than Under Armour. With outlets all over the world and professional athletes using this brand religiously, you cannot go wrong when purchasing Under Armor products.

Under Armour for Men

One of the most popular Under Armour products for men are the classic Under Armour Tech Sleeves. The gym shirts are made from a four-way stretch fabric that allows for greater mobility in all directions. They also feature a moisture transport system that wicks away sweat and dries fast. Another technology that Under Armor gym shirts feature is anti-odour, which stops the growth of odour-causing microbes, and allows you to work out stress-free. The t-shirts are made from polyester and provide a loose fit. The Under Armour shirt options include short sleeves, sleeveless tanks, or long sleeve compression shirts. 

There is also a large collection of leggings, capris, underwear, and sleepwear available, all created with the newest technology and lightweight fabrics. This way you can wear your clothes comfortably while remaining dry and cool. The underwear especially has been formulated to stretch, wick sweat and dry fast, making it the optimum selection for sporty men.

Warm Under Armour for Men

On top of the gym wear, Under Armour also have a large range of casual wear. Whether you are looking for hoodies, long sleeve shirts, fleeces, track jackets, long sleeves or more, Under Armour has it all in high-quality materials. Most of the colours available range from white and grey to neutral earth tones or black. Whatever sport you do, you will be able to find a sweater or hoodie to wear after your warmup or while you are sitting on the side of the court. The warm collections are great for winter jogging and for wearing under skiing equipment.

Under Armour Shoes for Men

Under Armour, apart from creating great activewear, also have a large collection of sports shoes. Whether you are looking for shoes for running, general sport, track shoes, training shoes, basketball shoes, trail running shoes, football shoes, golf shoes or hiking boots, this brand has you covered. Each shoe is specially formulated with the newest technology to fit your feet and give you optimum performance in your chosen sport. The shoes available on eBay are both new and pre-worn, so you can find the perfect fit for your needs.

Women’s Under Armour

Just like the men’s Under Armour collections, the women’s Under Armour products range from sports tops, leggings and compression articles to sports shorts. In addition, there are also crop tops and sports bras. Many of the items are made out nylon, which is a great material for sports clothing as it is quick drying, stretchy, and comfortable for yoga, athletics, or just generally being active. The women’s collection also includes a large variety of underwear and sports bras which are designed to provide maximum support for ladies, to aid them in doing sport comfortably and to their absolute best ability. Along with undergarments, Under Armour also has you covered for all your sleepwear needs. They have created comfortable, light, soft, and stretchy fabrics in simple designs, and neutral colours.

Warm Women’s Under Armour

Along with the sportswear vitals, Under Armour has also created a range of fantastic ‘Outer Armour’. These collections range from down jackets, coats and vests, which are all light, compressible, and extremely warm. There are also insulated jackets which are quick drying and warm - ideal for winter workouts. The last collection of jackets is rainwear that is windproof and waterproof, yet still breathable. These jackets are a great addition to have for any camping or hiking trip, as well as to keep warm during workouts in the winter, or as staple items to add to your track or field bag.

Under Armour Shoes for Women

Under Armour also has an extensive range of sports shoes for women, which come in a wide range of styles and colours designed to fit any woman’s needs. Under Armour has specially formulated shoes for running, training, golf, sports styles, and hiking. Most of the running shoes feature flexibility and cushioning to ensure your feet stay protected, along with arch support and a moulded comfort collar to lock in your heel. The rubber outsoles provide optimum contact with the ground and keep your feet in the correct position. One of the massive benefits of all Under Armour shoes are how light they are. This makes them great for travelling or carrying around. If you enjoy running around your neighbourhood, keep an eye out for designs which feature reflective paneling for additional safety. With the newest craze of slides, of course Under Armour also has options for simple slides for the ladies. These feature a comfortable cushioned sole and unique designs which will keep you relaxed while looking stylish after a workout or at the spa.

Under Armour Accessories

In additional to all the Under Armour clothing, the company has also made a wide range of sports accessories. There are hats, sunglasses, backpacks, socks, and more. The hats available are unisex caps with Under Armour logo stitching, and skull caps which can keep your head dry and warm. The sunglasses created by Under Armour are polarised, which means they protect your eyes while improving your vision, especially when participating in water-related activities. Polarised sunglasses reduce the amount of reflecting light that enters the eye, therefore reducing glare and providing better clarity. 

Under Armour Backpacks

The backpacks that Under Armour has created are ideal for travel or any type of sport. The bags are created with a tough abrasion-resistant nylon for extended durability, and they feature compression-moulded shoulder straps and back panel for increased comfort. The bag also has a compartment for laptops, large storage compartments, zippers to store your chargers and essentials, and a large shoe pocket at the bottom of the bag. One of the biggest advantages of these bags is that they are weatherproof and can be taken outside without fear of damaging the contents.