Underwater Camera Cases and Housing

We are so lucky these days that we are able to capture all of our adventures on a camera, including those we have underwater. Whether its scuba diving at depth, snorkelling around a reef or simply splashing around with our friends and family, having an underwater digital camera to capture those special moments is priceless. Ensuring that your camera is safe and dry with a good quality underwater camera case is vital or you risk damaging your camera and losing all those great memories.

Action Cams

While many action cams come with their own underwater camera housing, you can find many different kinds of univeral underwater camera cases and housing that will fit your model. Make sure to read all the specifications to ensure that your camera will fit before purchasing. Underwater camera cases for action cams use high quality tempered glass with an optical coating meaning that the lens is scratch resistant and easy to clean.

Professional Cameras

Professional underwater cameras are certainly expensive and having the right underwater housing is vital to getting those perfect shots and protecting your camera. You can also find floating cases for your small SLR camera which are great for taking out on kayaks or boats.


Underwater camera cases often come with different kinds of attachments in order to hold them to get your shots or you can purchase separately. Accessories range from a wrist strap through to a long selfie stick along with head straps so you can use the camera hands free.

Testing your Underwater Case

Before using, it is a good idea to test your underwater housing to ensure that there are no leaks. You can easily do this by putting a piece of tissue into the camera case, close it up, then submerge it in water for a few minutes. When you pull it out of the water, if the tissue is still dry it means there are no leaks. If the tissue is wet, then it is likely the seal does not close properly and you should not attempt to use the case underwater.