Make a splash with Nikon underwater camera cases and housing

Whether you’re a serious diver with the desire to record your underwater travels, or a serious photographer seeking to capture those impossible underwater photos, an underwater camera case or housing for your Nikon camera will truly be a gamechanger. With the fab range available here on eBay, you can research and find the safest rig for your Nikon equipment as quick as a flash.

Safety in numbers for Nikon underwater camera rigs

Always consider the purpose of your underwater housing and whether the specs match to your needs. Depth rating is the first number to consider. This is the maximum depth and pressure that the camera case is designed to withstand. Exceed this depth in the water, and you risk losing control of the camera functions, a leaky housing, or even the implosion of the camera case. Due to these risks, it’s always best to look for a maximum depth that surpasses your needs. Given that the maximum depth for advanced scuba divers (per the Professional Association of Diving Instructors limit) is 40 meters / 130 feet, many professional underwater houses are set to around the same depth.

Consider whether you’re willing to compromise bulk and durability for a cheaper price. Plastic is cheaper, but bigger and less sturdy than aluminium. There’s also hard bodied plastic options versus the soft plastic bag version. Again, a hard plastic is more durable but will be more expensive than a bag. If you intend to have a more professional set up, make sure to check what the capabilities of the lens port are (if any) and whether you can purchase an optional wet lens to add wide angle and other options.

Once you’ve found the perfect Nikon underwater camera case or housing, you may want to check out the great range of camera accessory bundles to set you down the path to your next masterpiece shot. With the great range of underwater camera cases and housings for Nikon cameras available here on eBay, you’re sure to take the plunge and dive into some of the best photos of your career.