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Uni-Mig Welders, Cutters & Torches

Uni-Mig Welders, Cutters and Torches

Uni-Mig is an Australian-grown family business that offers a comprehensive range of MIG, TIG and spot welders as well as plasma and gas cutting gear and consumables. The brand focuses on the philosophy of quality, so you can rest assured that your machine can handle both home improvement and industrial applications easily. Uni-Mig also complies with the latest Australian safety standards so you have peace of mind that your tool is reliable and safe despite years of use.


Uni-Mig industrial welders are compact and powerful, making them perfect tools for jobs that require precision welding in tight spaces. For example, the VIPER MIG182 is a portable MIG welding machine that is inverter-based. Its MIG function lets you weld with both gas shielded and gasless wires, while its step-less adjustment makes it easy to change the voltage and wire feed to customise weld results. Additionally, you can opt for the Uni-Mig KUMJRAL160 Arc/MMA welder for a low-cost solution for your welding projects. It uses the latest IGBT inverter technology and is perfect for light commercial use.

Plasma Cutters

Uni-Mig industrial plasma cutters such as the SITECUT 10 can melt through electrically conductive material with ease. It has a built-in air compressor so every essential is in this 240-volt package. Another choice is the RAZORCUT80, an inverter-based plasma cutter that is robust, reliable and decked with features. Built for a whole range of cutting applications including fabrication, it easily melts through thick copper, stainless steel, cast iron and more.


The options for torches in the Uni-Mig line-up all bear durability, quality and efficiency in mind. The Suregrip series offers ergonomic handles with robust knuckle joint and cable supports to handle the most demanding jobs. Contact points are also well-engineered. Spring pins for terminals make for reliable and unbreakable connections, while the gun plug housing that encapsulates the connection points have a tough glass-reinforced polymers encasing every conductive part pursuant to Australian safety standards.