Uniden Cordless Home Telephones


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Uniden Cordless Home Telephones

Uniden is a brand that is well-known for its high standards in manufacturing quality products that bring the most value possible to the consumer. The Uniden cordless home telephones are no exception to this standard. With so many varieties of home telephones to choose from, people who are in the market for a Uniden cordless home telephone are sure to find a model that meets or exceeds their expectations.

Uniden DECT Cordless Home Telephones

Due to the unsurpassed quality, some of the most popular choices in telephones are the Uniden DECT cordless home telephones. There are two parts to this telephone system with the first part being the base unit. Its features include a mountable wall base, VoIP, and Power-over-Ethernet-only capabilities. The other part of this telephone system includes the DECT handset. This handset includes features such as VoIP, speakerphone, and a voicemail waiting indicator light. This handset also includes a display that shows incoming calls, and it is also wireless network friendly.

Uniden Caller ID Cordless Home Telephones

Sometimes it is not always possible to take every call you receive; however, It is still nice to know who is calling as well. Uniden caller ID cordless home telephones allow you to keep track of who is calling so you can take any urgent calls and return less urgent calls later. The cordless feature makes it easy to keep the phone nearby so you can make and receive calls any time you desire.

Uniden Answering System Cordless Home Telephones

One of the great features of the Uniden answering system cordless home telephones is their ability to let the user carry the handset throughout the home. This style of phone features an answering system that is easy to use. The setup menu allows you to select a language, set the number of rings it takes before the answering system picks up, and create as well as edit your own greeting.

Home Phone Accessories

When you use a Uniden cordless home phone, you also have the ability to enhance your home phone experience even more with amazing home phone accessories. Stay connected with family and friends even longer with high-quality nickel-cadmium cordless phone batteries. If you do not want to carry a headset around, you may also want to consider using one of the many headset options that are available for use with Uniden home telephones. Enjoy high-quality sound during every call with Uniden cordless home phones.