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Uniden Radio Equipment

Whether walking or driving a vehicle, you can purchase radio equipment to keep you communicating with one or more people. These electronic devices provide a means to stay in contact when hiking, camping or travelling in separate vehicles. Likewise, medical professionals, policemen and others stay informed about whats happening in the community. Review the inventory of Uniden CB radios, radio scanners and two-way radios to find a preferred form of communication to have with you at all times.

CB Radios

Whether youre travelling the highway or biking on off-road terrain, Uniden CB radios are available as scanners and compact, portable radios. The digital scanner monitors police, fire, EMT and other public radio traffic. Since the CB radio and scanner alerts you kilometres before you reach an accident or other crisis, you stay up to date on situational emergencies. Likewise, the compact radio has 40 channels with a footprint of 10 by 10 by 3 cm to fit easily on the dash of a motorcycle or ATV. The seven-colour backlit display makes viewing easier, and the mic speaker makes hands-free operation possible.

Radio Scanners

Available in models suitable for home and commercial use as well as handheld gadgets, Uniden radio scanners have as few as 300 channels to upwards of 25,000. By entering your postcode, youll hear the latest transmissions regarding aircraft, military, weather and local public safety. For convenience, some compact models allow you to take the unit from a building and mount it inside your vehicle to stay informed while driving. Larger units include Close Call Capture Technology to receive signals from nearby transmitters, or you can use the GPS function to automatically connect to channels.

Two-Way Radios

When hiking or exploring unfamiliar areas, essential equipment to take with you includes a Uniden two-way radio. Available in submersible and water-resistant models, these radios can stay in water up to 1 metre for 30 minutes or dodge raindrops depending on the model purchased. Moreover, you can speak privately to one person or relay information to a group of people with the press of a button. Rated for a range of 60 to 80 kilometres, these devices let you enjoy clear transmissions from long distances, which is especially helpful when travelling in groups.