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Uniden Radio Scanners

Uniden Radio Scanners

Listening to radio scanners has been a hobby for as long as scanners have existed. The various bands that a typical scanner radio picks up include the police department, the fire department, racing cars, helicopters and more. With all of that exciting chatter available through one simple device, it is no wonder that so many people want to use it and listen in on the action happening nearby. Uniden radio scanners are an excellent choice for both beginners and advanced scanner users. Their wide range of products are easy to use, but have some advanced features as well.

Handheld Radio Scanners

The handheld Uniden scanners are excellent for beginners as they are more affordable and easy to use. Those who are just starting to show interest in these devices should try a handheld device first as it allows more flexibility. You can carry the scanner everywhere and try to catch different local signals, without worrying too much about the range of your device. Also, the controls on many handheld devices are automated and simplified, allowing you to pick up a signal without being proficient in scanner use.

Desktop Scanners

Desktop scanner radios are bulkier and designed to be used on a single location. They usually have a larger display and more button controls than the handheld versions. This type of Uniden scanner is highly customisable and advanced users can set various rules that alter the scanner’s behaviour. The main concern with these devices is always range, as reception largely depends on your location as well as the quality of antenna and receiver of the scanner itself.

Support Equipment

You can always choose additional equipment to make your desktop scanner more powerful and easier to use. A better antenna or a Uniden radio communication speaker could make a huge difference in performance. Speakers come with advanced noise cancellation technology and some of them even have an embedded amplifier.

Uniden CB Radios

Uniden CB radios offer two way communication over the CB band, but they can be used as scanners as well. Getting a pair of these radios and communicating over a short distance might be a lot of fun, but note that you will be restricted to the CB band. Broadcasting on other bands might be illegal, so these devices have their limitations.