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Uniden UHF Radio Equipment

Uniden is the leader in UHF radio equipment. What is UHF? Ultra high frequency. It is a designation for radio frequencies between 300 MHz and 3 GHz. Uniden's reliability and expertise in the radio equipment world mean no matter what model or style you choose, you will be able to keep in touch with the outside world.

Loud and Clear

Reception is only as good as your antenna. Without a working antenna, you can't send or receive messages. Uniden UHF radio antennas give you the best reception possible at a cost that is affordable. Depending on your area, the range you want to achieve and your radio equipment, the size of your chosen antenna will change.

10-4 Good Buddy

Reach out to other CB enthusiasts in your area with a Uniden UHF CB radio. You don't have to be a truck driver to enjoy talking to others over the airwaves. Boats come stocked with a marine radio, which is basically a waterproof CB radio. Satellites go down, and cell service gets lost, but with a CB, you stay connected.

Keep in Touch on the Go

Compact, handheld walkie talkies are ideal for hiking, fishing and hunting trips. It lets your entire party stay connected at the press of a button. The small design is perfect for outdoorsmen because it doesn't add much extra weight to your pack, and it's small enough to carry in your hand if you need too.

Trusted Brand

Before you make any radio equipment purchase, do the research and learn a little about the company. Since the mid-1960's, Uniden has been delivering high-quality products that keep up with the ever changing tech world. Built to last and designed with users in mind, every Uniden product is quality tested to ensure you don't disappoint yourself with your purchase.