Unisex Fragrances

There is almost nothing that is more captivating than the scent of a fragrance that has an enjoyable lingering quality. Some of the best fragrances are those that work for both women and men by drawing admirable attention to the person without being overpowering. There are a number of unisex scents that can both capture and embody the feminine or masculine essence of the person who wears it. From tantalising floral unisex fragrances to perfumes with a touch of musk, there are many high-quality unisex fragrance choices that couples can enjoy wearing and sharing together.

Types of Unisex Fragrances

Some of the most common fragrance types include eau de parfum, eau de cologne, eau de toilette and perfume. One of the most common misconceptions about fragrances is the misnomer that a certain type is made for a specific gender, when in reality, the differences in fragrance types lies in the amount of fragrance oil, water and alcohol content included in each particular type. People who want a fragrance that is short-lived do well with choosing a eau de cologne or eau de toilette that generally lasts between two to three hours. Unisex perfume fragrances are ideal for all-day wear and can last up to 24 hours before fading.

Unisex Fragrance Formulations

Unisex spray perfumes may be the first type of fragrance formulation that comes to mind, but there are many available. Some popular fragrances also come in solid, liquid and oil formulations. Many people may prefer to use solid formulations when wearing clothing made from expensive materials to avoid possible staining that may occur with oil or liquid perfume formulations.

Unisex Fragrance Volume

In the world of unisex fragrances, size may matter. Many people may feel hesitant to invest in a unisex fragrance that they have not previously tried. If unsure about a fragrance choice, try purchasing the fragrance in a sample size to see if it matches your personal tastes. Musk scents are popular amongst men and women who want to set a romantic tone, while light floral and sandalwood scents are often lively and playful. Test out a few different samples to see which fit specific moods.

Unisex Fragrance Gift Sets

Unisex fragrance gift sets make ideal choices for special gift-giving occasions. Some gift sets may come with different unisex perfumes or colognes, while other gift sets come with powders or lotions in matching fragrances. Mix and match gift sets to find out which choices work best for the recipient or keep favourites at home for personal use.