Children’s Unisex Clothing

Clothing options for children these days are a lot more gender-neutral so it’s easy to shop for clothes that would suit both boys and girls, and even children’s unisex shoes. Children’s unisex clothing includes tops, tees, sleepwear, swimwear, shorts and trousers that look great on girls and boys, with styles and brands to suit every look. Whether it’s featuring their favourite movie characters or in gender neutral and fashionable colours, there are plenty of modern styles available today for all kids to enjoy.

Jackets, Coats, Jumpers and Hoodies

To keep your kids warm during the cooler months or accompany them on an overseas holiday to the snow, there are plenty of jackets and coats with a unisex look. It’s easy to shop for gender-neutral kids’ fashion these days with all of the great options available for colours and styles to suit both girls and boys, with the warmth and comfort they need when it gets cold.

Unisex Children’s Shorts, Trousers and Rompers

Shorts and trousers are comfortable and cool for either gender, and they can easily pair with any top you want to create a unique style. There are many different types of shorts and trousers available including jeans, denim shorts, linen shorts, tracksuit trousers, rompers and overalls. These styles all work for a unisex look and can complement the style of any gender.

Unisex Sleepwear and Swimwear for Children

Children’s unisex clothing for special occasions like sleep time and swimming are practical and stylish. Some of the sleepwear options come with their favourite characters from Disney or Nickelodeon that makes them even more enjoyable to wear, and famous brand names like Peter Alexander and Bonds offer stylish options as well. Swimwear designed for both boys and girls range from full-length suits to board shorts to keep them cool and covered in the sun.

Tops and T-Shirts

There are plenty of great options available for tops and T-Shirts for kids, and shopping for unisex clothing today means you’re not limited to just the traditional colours. Gender neutral tops can be found in all styles including polos, v necks, singlets, tanks and basic tees that look just as good on either gender.