Universal Audio

Get a classic audio device for your home with the full range of Universal Audio devices. Universal Audio delivers high quality sound every time with audio interfaces for recording and sound mixing in your home studio or professional studio. Connect your existing speakers and subwoofers to your Universal Audio systems to create your complete audio solution and hook up microphones to create a recording system that works for you.

Materials And Build Quality

The Universal Audio amplifiers, preamps and interfaces are made from high quality materials like premium metal which creates a sleek design or replicates a classic style. The internal components allow you to connect 6 devices through the thunderbolt cable and use up to 4 Apollo devices. The Universal Audio interface is one of the most popular professional recording systems and can capture and produce high quality sound from a number of sources. The monitors allow you to track and test your recordings and equipment and adjust your setting with the dials. You can build your studio with features like talkback and playback so you can work with your inputs to produce the best results.

Classic And Modern Styles

The Apollo Twin MKII is one example of the Universal Audio devices available and is one of the models which has a modern style. You can also select from vintage models in perfect condition if you prefer the older styles of audio interface.

Processing Power For All Your Needs

The devices use fast processors to capture the sound from UAD analog plugins. The DSP (digital signal processor) processes the analog signal and creates a high quality recording from the inputs.

Create Your Sound

There are hundreds of plugins available so you can create whatever sound you want. You can get a reverb effect, compressor or vintage EQ so you have so many options available to craft the sound you are looking for without having to have the analog instruments.