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Universal Tripods and Monopods

Tripods and monopods are essential accessories for the budding, amateur or professional photographer. They allow the camera to be mounted and provide a still pose, which the human hand simply cannot achieve. For instance, in nighttime photography, which can require extremely long exposure times, the camera sometimes needs to be positioned in an awkward situation that may not otherwise have been possible. There's plenty of styles, brands and makes of tripods and monopods on the market today to suit all types of photography and photographers.

Universal Tripods

Universal camera tripods are three-legged stands where the camera is mounted at the apex. The legs of the tripod are often individually extendable in order to achieve the ideal height, and some are also flexible to function on uneven surfaces, which is common when taking photos outdoors. A ball head mounting on the tripod allows for smooth and easy movement both up and down and side to side. Alternatively, a pan head allows for controlled rotation. Either are great for taking video and scenic panoramic photos.

Universal Monopods

Universal monopods are adjustable poles on a three-legged foot. They provide height for the camera and can be extended up or down for the right height. Like tripods, they can be topped with either ball heads or a pan head. Their universal constructions means they will be able to support most brands and types of camera.

Universal Tripod and Monopod Materials

Tripods and monopods are constructed from lightweight, yet durable, materials in order to be sturdy and strong even in the outdoor elements. Materials like plastic, aluminium and carbon fibre are strong enough to withstand knocks, dents and general wear and tear, whilst being light enough to fit in your camera bag or carry in your hand. Camera equipment is already heavy enough without more weight from accessories. The joints and levers for adjustment are usually crafted from easy-to-grip plastic, so you can set up and make adjustments even in wet or cold weather while wearing gloves.

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