Uranium & Vaseline Glass

The glass is always greener with uranium and Vaseline glass

Seasoned collectors of antique uranium glass are likely to be familiar with the various names hypnotic green glass goes by. But if you are new to the thrill brought about being in the presence of the green glow of this incredible material, or wish to find the perfect gift for the vaseline glass collector in your life, youre sure to find something perfect to start your collection with, or as a gift for a collector.

Discover truly striking Art Deco uranium glass items, including a kneeling lady lamp with a geometric pattern on the top, or go for a more simple Vaseline glass cup and saucer set. Choose your favourite vase and hold under a UV or black light to show off the bright green glow.

The great uranium glass extravaganza

Green Depression glass refers to the vast quantities of cheap coloured glass manufactured during the 1920s and 1930s, often freely distributed in North America around the time of the Great Depression. Many of the bowls and glass vases from this era are highly sought after.

It is worth noting that not all Depression glass glows. Only that with the added radioactive element Uranium causes glassware turn yellow and fluoresce brightly under ultraviolet light. And be assured as the levels of radiation are considered minimal. Although it will register on sensitive Geiger Counters, is not considered to be a dangerous level of radiation emission, and is therefore completely safe to handle.

Glassware that goes by many names

For years, the green glow of uranium glassware never failed to create a state of awe in its owners and as such spawned a multitude of variations in form. In its opalescent, shimmery, iridescent form, it is described as carnival glass. Milk glass refers to that with a whitish, opaque quality and Vaseline glass has a viscous, wet look like petroleum jelly.

The sheer volume of uranium glassware produced during the 1920s and 1930s and well into the 1950s means there are a plethora of objects on eBay, from candlesticks to ashtrays and jewellery to explore.