When the standard ute tray is no longer big enough or reliable enough for your large hauls of tools, equipment, stock or furniture, it's probably time to find a heavy duty ute canopy for sale online. Protect your tool box and other important gear from theft or harsh weather conditions. Keep objects safe while driving without worrying about how well you've packed them in or tied them down. A quality ute canopy gives you the confidence to load up the ute car and drive off to the next job. It gives you peace of mind when your valuable cargo is left unattended.

Features and benefits

Ute canopies are designed to fit onto an existing single or dual cab ute tray. The toughest models are constructed with 2mm, 2.5mm or 3mm thick aluminium checker plate, propellor plate or flat plate canopy, aluminium doors, cross-rail aluminium chassis underneath the floor and roof, stainless steel full-width piano hinges for extra strength, and key lockable T-locks on all doors. The rubber seals ensure your investment is safe from the rain, wind and sun, while high quality TIG welding means your canopy is built to last.

Gullwing ute canopies

This type of ute canopy features lifting 'gullwing' doors on each side. The dimensions of a small gullwing ute canopy are approximately 1780mm length, 700mm width, 450mm side height and 850mm total height. For a larger gullwing ute canopy you're looking at dimensions of around 1780mm x 1900mm x 850mm. You will also find some models in between this size range.

Dual cab and single cab ute canopies

A typical dual cab ute canopy with side doors might be 1800mm x 1800mm x 860mm and include multiple drawers, dividers and shelves. A single cab ute canopy could be 2200mm x 1800mm x 860mm.

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