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Toyota Ute

Toyota Utes offer a tray-back styling, and since they're designed to carry heavy loads, these utility vehicles successfully do what smaller cars can't. The Ute lineup includes the LandCruiser 70 and the HiLux, each of which is available in several model variations, while offering adequate cabin space and ergonomic seating. When shopping, it's wise to consider your vehicle needs. You should also keep your budget in mind as well, since doing so helps you to choose the right Ute.

Toyota HiLux

The HiLux is perhaps the most popular and best-selling Ute manufactured by Toyota. Renowned for its comfort, dependability and power, this workhorse handles rugged terrain with ease. It comes in a wide array of styles, sizes and colours, making it easy to find the right model for your lifestyle and budget. Four-door models easily accommodate family living, while two-door models are perfect for small work crews.

Diesel or Petrol Fuel

Toyota Utes employ two fuel types: diesel and petrol. Ultimately, choosing the best type depends on both your personal preference and your budget. Diesel-powered cars are generally more expensive to purchase and service; however, they deliver a higher fuel economy, which tends to offset the high running costs. They are also more eco-friendly and better for the environment.

Cab Type

You'll want to take cab type into account when purchasing a Toyota Ute, since Toyota Utes are available in several cab types, including single, extended two-door and four-dour double. Each type varies in its appearance and in the amount of rear-seat passenger space it offers. Ute single cabs feature two doors and limited storage space behind the seats, while the extended cab offers back-row seating in the form of small bench or jump seats. On the other hand, the double cab allows for two rows of seats, comfortably fitting four adults. While the double cab may seem like the ideal option, it is important to note that this Ute is longer, which shortens the length of its bed. As such, if you plan to use your Ute for carrying cargo, the double cab may not be your best bet.

Transmission Type

Toyota Utes feature two types of transmissions: manual and automatic. When shopping, consider the benefits and drawbacks of each one. Utes with manual transmissions are more inexpensive to purchase and require less maintenance than their automatic counterparts do. They are also more fuel efficient and powerful. Conversely, while automatic transmissions are more complex, they are easier to operate, especially in stop-and-go traffic.

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