V-Neck Jumpers for Women

There are lots of good reasons to have a few nice V-neck jumpers for women available. In colder weather, it’s great to add some warm with a cuddly jumper. But in hot weather, working in air conditioning can often get a little too cold if your desk is too close to an air vent. V-neck jumpers or cardigans can be a perfect choice for office wear, as the neck style allows and accentuates a standard business-style button-up shirt or blouse.

Which length of V-neck cardigan for women do I need?

There are several different lengths of cardigans and jumpers available, and they tend to suit different outfit styles and dress codes:

  • Midriff: Ending slightly above the waist. These look great with skirts that billow out at or below the hips. They accentuate your waist and curves. Great for casual and, if dressy, semi-formal outfits. However, they’re usually not considered particularly suitable for professional outfits.
  • Hip: Ending a few centimetres below the waist. These tend to work well with slacks and pencil skirts. They present a simple, classic silhouette – one that’s not too form-revealing. These work well for professional outfits.
  • Mid-thigh to knee: Super warm and snuggly, long V-neck jumpers for women are a great choice for casual outfits. They pair very well with skinny jeans or leggings.
  • Ankle: The rise of the Oodie and similar wearable blankets has led to increased interest in ankle-length cardigans and jumpers for home and outside wear. They’re not always the most practical of options, but they are

Which materials are V-neck jumpers for women made from?

You can find jumpers and cardigans made from a range of fibres. Often these will be a blend, combining the best of each. The most common fibres for jumpers and cardigans are:

  • Wool: Comparatively heavy. Stretchy with good bounce-back. Warm and breathable. A natural fibre. Biodegradable.
  • Cotton: Mid-weight. Stretchy but doesn’t have very good bounce-back. Cool and breathable. A natural fibre. Biodegradable.
  • Acrylic: Light. Not very stretchy. Very warm but not very breathable. An artificial fibre. Doesn’t biodegrade.
  • Cashmere: Light. Has a little stretch but drapes more than stretches. Very warm for its weight. A natural fibre. Expensive per weight compared to wool. Biodegradable.
  • Rayon: Light. Doesn’t have much stretch but does have drape. Not very warm.