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VANS Old Skool Athletic Shoes for Men

It’s time to kick it Old Skool with Vans

Vans understands not all shoes need to be the most modern designs. In fact, they happily embrace the fact they have a long history, by offering their Old Skool range. Vans has been in the shoe business since 1966 when they started in California, which means they’ve produced a huge range of shoes in their time. Why not let customers enjoy some of the shoes from yesteryear.

Vans isn’t just recycling old shoes though, because all of the Old Skool range gets a little modern update. Naturally, over several decades the manufacturing process and technology available has changed dramatically. So, the Old Skool range features all the classic designs you love, with the modern technology you expect from quality footwear.

Classic skate shoe designs

Vans has had a long association with the skateboarding subculture. So much so, that Vans is probably the world’s most recognisable brand when it comes to skate shoes and streetwear. The low-profile canvas upper shoes that Vans are most well-known for have taken the world by storm, and you can now get these awesome skate shoes in original designs. Thanks to the Old Skool range, you can get your hands on comfortable, retro footwear with a modern twist. Vans also makes plenty of leather and suede skate shoes, so you have plenty of choice depending on your personal preference.

Prefer high-top sneakers?

Vans skate shoes have always been popular, but they have also made some great high-top sneakers over the years. Rather than being chunky like basketball shoes, these men’s Vans high-tops are streamlined yet still super comfortable. In a range of materials like suede, leather and synthetic, you can find the best fit for your feet. Best of all, you get all the classic designs you love.

Genuine vintage footwear

While the modern Old Skool range of shoes gives you a new spin on the classics, you can also find genuine vintage shoes here on eBay. Do a bit of browsing through the Vans range, and you’re sure to find some truly retro shoes. Great for collectors.