Kids today may look at VCRs the way they look at dinosaur bones; a relic of their parents' past. Though companies don't make VCRs anymore, they are a nostalgic item that many people still enjoy using. In an age where most adults look back to their youth with joy, VCRs are selling better than ever. Dust off your old tapes and get ready to treat your kids to an old-fashioned viewing party..circa 1986!

Is Beta Better?

Although VHS is the most well-known format, it's not the only VCR type on the block. Beta VCRs came out first, and these highly collectible players didn't survive the long haul due to time constraints; Beta tapes could hold only 60 minutes of content, while VHS tapes could hold three hours. True technophiles still appreciate the often-lauded superior technology of Betas, but they became extinct far faster than VHS, making them a fun collectible for techie types.

Caught on Tape

Considered the winner in the 'format wars,' VHS VCRs are the common format most of us are used to. These VCRs opened up a brand new world for media lovers; the machines made it easy to record live television, watch movies, and collect favourite films in a home library. These VCRs hung around until the early 2000s, when most rental places opted to carry DVDs instead, then the format became permanently obsolete in 2008.

A Brand New Habit

Many high-end brands flourished during the VCR era, and purchasing from these beloved brands ensures a quality piece of tech. LG VCRs, Panasonic styles, Samsung options, and Sony formats are just a few popular brands to consider. Purveyors of superior tech and audio products, these brands offer multiple VHS viewing and recording options for people who want to keep the past alive.

Timeworn Tech

For people who grew up in the 70s and 80s, a VCR was pretty exciting. Combine it with something else, like a DVD player, and that's one amazing piece of tech. These combo players are a fun way to celebrate the past and the present, and some come with added features, like the ability to record DVDs or VHS tapes.