Vintage Vacuum Tubes to Get Your Antique Device Working Again

If you want to get your vintage oven or microwave working perfectly again, one of the inexpensive vacuum tubes in this collection might be just what you need. Finding the right tubes for your purposes is easy when you shop on eBay, and here are some of the things that you should know before you select a tube for your device.

What are some applications of vacuum tubes?

Up until recently, vacuum tubes were in much wider use in electronics around the world. These tubes have been replaced with new technology, but some enthusiasts may still prefer devices with vacuum tubes for a number of reasons. Here are some examples of the vintage devices that may use these outdated electrical components:

  • Ovens - Many vintage ovens, such as those made by the brand Bakelite, use vacuum tubes to route electrical signals. Over time, these tubes are subjected to wear and tear, and it's possible to replace these components if they shatter or otherwise become inoperable.
  • Preamps - Some vintage amps and preamps may use vacuum tubes in their construction. High-intensity electrical signals can sometimes shatter these tubes, so keep a couple of spares on hand if you're planning an epic concert sometime in the near future.
  • Microwaves - A variety of vintage microwaves also use vacuum tubes to help process electrical energy that is used in the cooking process. These tubes are usually located in the rear of a microwave, and they are generally easy to remove and replace.
Which brands make these types of tubes?

Some brands still produce vacuum tubes, but it's often possible to find new or used tube models made by brands that discontinued production years ago. Some examples of the brands that make these electronic components include Amperex, GE, Mullard, RCA, and Sylvania.

How do you pick the right type of tube?

In most cases, it's simplest to replace the vacuum tube in your device with the same exact model. If you aren't sure which type of vacuum tube your device uses, you can often take a look at the user's manual for your device to learn more. In some cases, the listings for new or pre-owned vacuum tubes may indicate which devices that they are used with. Since these tubes come in many different sizes and capacities, it's very important to know exactly which type is right for your device before you proceed.