Meant to protect as well as enhance your bed, valances also help conceal the area under your bed. Not purely just for aesthetics, valances cover your box springs and extend their lifespan by protecting them from stains, dust and debris. Valances come in many styles as well as fabrics to complement your bedding and decor and they're easy to use and typically machine-washable.


Some valances are simply basic in design, made of sleek fabric that slips over your box springs. Others have added accents, like ruffles, pleats or a quilted look to add visual appeal and softness to your box springs. Bed skirts look beautiful and help resist underbed dust bunnies, while fitted designs create a snug look and feel. There are also flowing valances that don't have ruffles but don't provide a structured fit, either; they simply drape around the bottom of the bed for a relaxed, bohemian look.


Materials differ when it comes to valances and choosing one depends on the look you prefer as well as your budget. Polyester valances are the most durable type, as polyester tends to last a long time and resist wear, no matter how long you've had it. It's machine-washable and affordable. 100 per cent cotton valances may feel softer to the touch and work better for people with sensitive skin. A cotton blend offers the best of both worlds, but if you're going for a luxury aesthetic, nothing beats the silky look and feel of satin or the soft texture of velvet.


Quality is important when you're choosing bedding, especially valances. You'll want to purchase pieces from known brands, including KingLinen, Linen House and Sheridan. Select brands based on your own experiences or your budget concerns. For kids' beds, there are even Disney valances, and affordable and quality pieces come from brands like Target and Ardor.


When you buy bedding, ensure you purchase the right size. Since valances have to fit snugly on the box springs, it's necessary to get the valance that fits your specific bed type. If you have a twin bed, purchase a single-sized valance. Double beds require a full valance. For queen and king options, there are some valances that fit both or you can buy separate options for each size as you desire. Since valances stretch, there is going to be some give, and king and queen beds are very close in size.