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Vance Hines Motorcycle Silencers Mufflers and Baffles

There are many reasons one might want to upgrade the exhaust system on a motorbike. Motorcycle silencers, mufflers and buffles are an excellent way to improve performance, appearance, weight and sound. As the final part of an exhaust system, the muffler is the area in which fumes expel from the bike out into the air. What's more, it's also the one section of the exhaust system that people are able to see, and therefore it impacts the overall appearance of the ride.


By using a Vance Hines motorcycle muffler in your upgrade you know, you are getting a high-quality product that not only looks good but will perform in the way you expect from your muffler. Without a properly working muffler, the noise would almost be deafening. You might want it loud, but in most states, there are laws in place that determine exactly how noisy you can have it.


Vance Hines motorcycle baffles are an excellent way to quiet down the noise coming from a bike's exhaust but that isn't the only reason to install a baffle. Another good reason is that it can create back pressure inside the exhaust system, which will cause the bike to run more efficiently and therefore increase its power. However, it does need to correct installing because too much "back pressure" and the engine will lose power.


The length and diameter of the product need to be proportional to the size of the motorcycle. Which will work best for you, a short length and wider diameter or a longer length with a smaller diameter? Vance Hines offers a wide variety of sizes, styles and designs for all the various makes and models of motorcycles on the road.

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