Variable Frequency Drives

Variable Frequency Drives

Motor controllers or variable frequency drives control a motor by varying the voltage and frequency. Other names for such devices are adjustable frequency drive, inverter, adjustable speed drive, variable speed drive, AC drive and microdrive. The variable frequency drives can be difficult to pick because there are many variables you need to take into account depending on how you are going to use the industrial motor drive.

Basics of Variable Frequency Drives

Frequency relates directly to the motor speed, which you measure in RPMs. The faster the frequency, the faster the motor. If your application does not call for full speed from the motor, you can use the control equipment to reduce the motor's voltage and frequency in order to meet the requirements of the motor's load. If the applications requirements change, you can turn up the voltage and frequency, adjusting the motor to the new load.

Variable Frequency Drive Benefits

By controlling the motor that does not require full speed for optimal operation, you save on energy costs by reducing energy consumption. Moreover, no other AC electric motor control allows you to match the load requirement with the speed of the equipment the motor drives. The optimal motor application speed ensures that the equipment lasts for longer and requires less maintenance, thus cutting the costs even further.

Using Variable Frequency Drives

Variable frequency drives are useful helpers if a load has either a variable speed or torque. Such devices are also suitable for large motors that have problems with voltage drop, inrush current or torque during start-up. These drives solve many of these issues.

Features to Consider

The motor for which you are searching for the stepper control has its main features on the nameplate, more than likely. You should try and match the horsepower, full load amps value, service factor, voltage and RPM. The speed range, control method and type of load, whether constant or variable torque, of your system and application may also determine what kind of variable drive to choose.