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Vax vacuum cleaner parts for repairs and maintenance

Instead of buying a new vacuum cleaner, you can replace damaged or missing parts. If you need to find replacement or extra parts for your Vax vacuum cleaner, there's a huge range of new and used products available on eBay. Search for new batteries, belts, hoses, motors, or wheels for your Vax vacuum cleaner and top up on maintenance parts with new filter kits and chargers. You can even find specialised Vax parts for shampooing carpets and removing pet hair. 

Vax vacuum cleaner replacement parts

You can buy a range of Vax parts to fit your vacuum cleaner size and model, as well as parts for steam, carpet, and pressure washers. Choose from new, used, or manufacturer and seller refurbished parts. Popular products include the telescopic tube hoover brush toolkits and Vax filter kits for maintenance. Vax water feed shampoo hose pipes are a common replacement part for washing carpets. 

If your Vax vacuum cleaner has a fault and you need to make some repairs, there are a selection of replacement batteries, belts, motors, and soleplates available to fit all sizes and models. Older vacuum cleaner parts that often need replacing over time include the hose pipe, brush head, and tool attachments, as well as vacuum pads, wheels, and cables. Chargers for older vacuum cleaners can also need replacing, as may cables and handles. 

Vax vacuum cleaner accessories

To keep your Vax vacuum cleaner in good condition and increase its lifespan, stock up on accessories such as dust bags and filter service kits and sets. More specialised accessories are also available for heavy-duty cleaning needs such as pet hair attachments like the mini pet hair remover, shampoo nozzles, and wet and dry vacuum cleaner water pumps. For more varied cleaning needs, you'll also find Vax irons, steam cleaners, and even trouser presses.