Popular Vax Products


Vax vacuum cleaners are famous for their innovations in hygiene and ease of use in any room. Since 1977, the company have been producing top-of-the-range options that are simple to use and extremely effective in removing dust and dirt from around the house. Nowadays, the company offers a large range of vacuums, each with a specific purpose.

Vax Bagless Vacuums

Vax bagless vacuums are the perfect companion for anyone with allergies. The advanced filtered cylinder inside the machines, such as the VWC 2000W, coupled with its strong suction, helps get rid of all the small dust spores and animal hairs around the house that a normal vacuum would miss. The fact that it doesn't need a bag makes the cleaner more compact, easier to manoeuvre and more environmentally friendly.

Vax Canister Vacuums

Vax canister vacuums, such as the VX40, VX30 and POWA4000, are ideal for both wet and dry conditions. The easy-to-manoeuvre caster wheels make them perfect for in the house or out in the garage; they are the ideal piece of cleaning equipment for hobbyists and car enthusiasts. The multifunctional canister inside allows you to clean up dry dust and dirt from carpets as well as wet spills and small puddles without needing to change settings or performing any prior clean-up.

Vax Upright Vacuums

Vax upright vacuum cleaners are the ideal cleaning companion for inside the house. Their ergonomic design allows you to reach dust and dirt in hard-to-reach places _x001A_ perfect for carpets, hardwood and tiles alike. Many are cordless as well, meaning you can clean anywhere in your house for up to an hour without having to be near a power socket whilst reducing the risk of tripping over cords.

Vax Handheld Vacuums

Vax handheld vacuums are perfect for small messes anywhere in the house thanks to their lightweight and versatile design. Instead of dragging a big vacuum over to a small mess, you can grab your handheld one and simply clean up spills anywhere in your house or car.