Vending Machines & Dispensers

Get coin-operated gratification with vending machines and dispensers

Vending machines and dispensers have certainly gone through a lot of changes over the decades. Most people assume these machines were invented to sell chocolate, chip packets, and soft drinks. But the format and technology behind them has evolved in a variety of ways. eBay can help you get your hands on vending machines and dispensers suitable for everything from your business to your recreation room at home.

Vending the change

While vending machines have obviously gone through many different updates and redesigns over the years, most of them still pretty much have the same basic functionality. The main difference these days is the sheer variety of things you can purchase from these machines. Depending on where you are in the world, you can buy caviar in LA, freshly cooked hot chips in Russia and underwear in Japan.

There are beverage and snack vending machines for pints of beer and whisky sodas, and others for everything from flat shoes to nylon stockings, fresh eggs to cupcakes and fresh sneakers to fresh crabs. There are even 24-hour machines around the world that change money and sell baked potatoes and fresh pizzas. And the new age of smart vending machines don’t just reheat some frozen TV dinner pizza; they actually make the whole pizza, including kneading the dough and cooking it right.

Types of vending

Whether you’re looking to start a new vending machine business, repair an existing machine with vending machine parts and accessories or expand your existing company, the first thing you’ll need to know is the type of machines you want.

Bulk vending machines are the small gumball machines which will dispense either a single item or handful of bulk products like peanuts, lollies and small toys.

Mechanical vending machines are considerably larger than the bulk vends. These machines can be set up to dispense multiple types of products as well as different flavours.

Electronic vending machines are modern and sophisticated and have a much larger capacity. They also accept payment in many forms.

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