Window Venetian Blinds

Window coverings are essential for your home both practically and aesthetically. They can keep the warmth in and provide privacy and shade for sleeping, plus they should complement the decor of your home. Venetian blinds are a modern and stylish choice for your home and make a good alternative to curtain blinds.

Materials To Suit Your Home

Venetian blinds are made from a variety of materials like wood and laminated plastic depends on the look you wish to achieve. Wooden roller blinds can come in a natural wood finish, painted in white or other colours to match your home and provide a sleek option to give better airflow and privacy options for your windows. The timber finish can also provide a more traditional look depending on the style of your home. There are also durable aluminium window blinds if you would like a metal finish for the blinds.

Made To Last

The heavy duty rail at the top of the blinds ensures that the blinds will last through continued use and stay securely attached to your windows. The blinds come with everything you need to install them including brackets, screws and clear instructions. They could be installed by you or by a handyman.

Sized For Your Windows

The venetian blinds height can be altered to perfectly fit the window you are installing the blind on. Once you have selected the correct width, available in a wide range of sizes you will be able to adjust the height as needed.

Perfect For High Humidity

In some rooms of your home fabric curtains are just not suitable. This includes rooms like your bathroom and kitchen which can experience high humidity. This makes a venetian blind the perfect choice since they do not absorb the moisture like fabric curtains which will help avoid mould and mildew, plus allow better airflow for your room through the windows. You can also easily control the amount of light the blinds are letting in.