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Verbatim USB Flash Drives

Verbatim USB Flash Drives

Useful and versatile for many reasons, Verbatim USB flash drives are the perfect option when you need to carry data on the go. There are options when it comes to different capacities, you can store a lot––or a little and take it with you anywhere you need to go. Virtually eliminating the need in most cases for external hard drives, USB flash drives are an easy and economical option for data needs.

Small Capacity

There are many different capacities when it comes to USB flash drives, and small capacity drives are economical and easy to use. These are routinely either 8 GB or 16 GB and can fit files such as documents, text and HTML files, as well as a small amount of video or picture files. Easily pop these in your purse, backpack or briefcase to take to school, the office or anywhere you need to access your data.

Large Capacity

Large capacity USB drives are a great idea when you need to store large music and video files or other files that require a lot of room. Many automobiles these days have USB thumb drives and large capacity drives are a great idea to carry with you to easily listen to tunes in the car. You can also take them to the office or anywhere you need to easily share files without using FTP or HTTP. Verbatim 32 GB USB flash drives are considered to be larger devices with 64 GB options and up.


There are many uses when it comes to USB and thumb drives. Most important, they eliminate the need for external flash drives. If you have a lot of items you need to store without filling up your computer’s hard drive, thumb drives are a great idea. They’re also great for school and work projects or for presentations such as PPTs.

In Bulk

You may want to purchase USB drives in bulk, especially for advertising reasons. While USB drives are available in many colours, they also have the ability to be personalised, which means you can hand them out to extend your brand. For example, if you have a photography business, you can also offer USB drives with your client’s photos as part of their package.