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Got one to sell?

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Veronese Decorative Sculptures Figurines

It isn't uncommon to find decorative sculptures and figurines in just about everyone's home at some point or another. This type of artwork makes wonderful collections and statement pieces when a room needs a finishing touch. Veronese bronze decorative sculptures and figurines use a combination of tones and chiaroscuro to create soulful characters that seem to be real.


When it comes to decorative sculptures, there are two chief forms of medium used—bronze and resin. In many cases, both materials appear in one sculpture. For example, on the Archangel Sariel, the piece itself uses polyresin, while the surface has an outer layer of bronze. This gives it a specialised feel without being too heavy.


The creative team at Veronese has created well over a thousand different designs that range from mythology to the classics and wildlife to dance. Add a majestic flying eagle to your display case or keep things light with a panda resting on a tree. It's your home fill it with the art you love. Although the majority of Veronese figurines are bronze, there are some, especially in the wildlife and pet category, that uses other colours to bring out the detail on each animal.

Jewellery Tray Holder

Not all decorative figurines just look pretty. Many have a functional purpose. For example, the Angelic Angel Cherubs and Lady jewellery tray holder is a beautiful way to keep your rings and other small jewellery pieces together. It does double duty of being aesthetically pleasing to the eye as well as having the purpose of holding your fashion accessories.

Where to Start

Don't let the sheer volume of choices on the market overwhelm you. The best way to start is to pick one piece that brings you joy and build off of it.

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