Run faster and more naturally with Vibram on eBay

Looking for a minimalist running shoe that takes you seriously? You won't be disappointed with Vibram's FiveFingers. Vibram FiveFingers is an innovative minimalist shoe from Vibram, a brand known for its patented sole offering the best traction and abrasion resistance, which is used by more than 1,000 footwear brands in their own shoes. Vibram FiveFingers are a series of running shoes which are intended to mimic the look and mechanics of being barefoot, with a thin and flexible sole that is contoured to the shape of the human foot and individual sections for each of your toes. They were originally designed to help yacht racers enhance their grip on slippery deck surfaces, but Vibram CEO, Ted McDonald who had a successful career as a barefoot running coach, subsequently suggested FiveFingers might make the perfect minimalist running shoe and FiveFingers has since played a significant part in the barefoot running movement. Whatever size shoe you take and whether you want a more natural way to enjoy your fitness, water sports, yoga, trekking or travelling activities without having to be barefoot, you'll find the perfect pair of Vibrams right here on eBay.

eBay's range of Vibram Fivefingers running and fitness shoes offers a huge selection of styles for men, women and kids. Male feet will be extra comfy in the popular KSO EVO, the transitional V-Run, the EL-X - Vibram's thinnest soled shoe - and the V-Aqua, designed for watersports. There are also plenty of women's Vibram FiveFingers to choose from like the Trek Scent in suede leather and hemp wool, as well as the Komodo Sport and V-Trail. The little runners and explorers in your life will love junior styles including KSO, Sprint and Speed. There's also a great selection of sizes to fit all feet. Be sure to check out Vibram's size guide for your perfect fit.

Find the ideal minimalist shoe for you in eBay's huge collection of Vibram FiveFingers available at the very best prices.