Popular Victorinox Products



Karl Elsener I founded Victorinox in the late 1800’s. The company was named after his mother, Victoria, combining it with “Inox”, the international term for stainless steel. Karl Elsener I started as a humble cutler in Ibach-Schwyz, back when Switzerland was still a poor country. He started Victorinox when he established the Swiss Officer’s and Sports Knife, supplying them to soldiers of the Swiss Army. Since then, Victorinox continues to offer top quality stainless steel products to Switzerland and the rest of the world.

History of Victorinox

Victorinox is a family business, passed down through the generations since 1884. Each member of the Elsener family contributed to growth and improvement of the brand. Karl Elsener I was the founder of the brand. He established the Association of Swiss Master Cutlers and patented the Swiss Officer’s and Sports Knife. Carl Elsener II introduced automation and the world’s first all-electric hardening plant to Victorinox. This advancement guaranteed consistent quality across all knives. The Swiss Army Knife gained recognition around the world and began to be a popular souvenir for U.S. soldiers to bring home. Carl Elsener III changed the company from a sole proprietorship to a family company. In 2007, the company was passed on to the fourth generation of the Elsener family. Carl Elsener IV expanded the company further and introduced different products to the brand.

Swiss Army Knives

The Swiss Army Knife is the product that gave Victorinox its world changing success remains the core product sold by the brand. The Swiss Army Knife is known for having a range of different tools compacted into one that can fit into your pocket. The general Swiss Army Knife would have a main blade flanked by other tools. Common tools found on a Swiss Army Knife are screwdrivers and bottle openers. The Swiss Army Knife also often came in its iconic red handle. However, Victorinox now offers many variations of the Swiss Army knife. They vary in size and functions. The Swiss Army Knives is also found in many different colours and styles now.

Other Victorinox Products

Besides the Swiss Army Knives, Victorinox has also expanded their brand to sell other products. Those products include domestic and professional grade knives, watches, fragrances and travel gear. They also sell clothes and other kitchen cutlery. Although these other products may not relate to Swiss Army Knives, the emphasis on quality is still implemented on them.