USB 3.0 Video Capture TV Tuner Cards

Sometimes it might become necessary to watch TV on your computer. Maybe you and your family have different taste in shows or you simply want to enjoy the privacy of your own room or enjoy your favourites on the go. When you connect your television set with a TV tuner, you are basically connecting a monitor with a signal. Your computer can also be that monitor if you use a special TV tuner card that makes your device capable of decoding the signal, so you could also record programs on your computer the same way a DVR does.

Internal and External Tuners

Internal TV tuners for computers come in the form of PCI expansion cards that you put inside your device. The USB 3.0 as well as older and slower USB 2.0 TV tuner cards connect to the computer via the USB port. The USB tuners are best for laptops and also for PCs if you do not happen to have a free PCI slot that you could use for an internal tuner.


Before purchasing a TV tuner card for your computer, ensure it is compatible with your device. Older laptops may not include a USB 3.0 port and you could not use a USB 3.0 tuner card if that was the case. You also need to ensure that your operating system is compatible with the video capture TV tuner card you are planning to use.


The TV tuner cards bring TV programs to your computer and they are best for viewing free-to-air shows. However, sometimes you also need an additional antenna for this to work. More advanced TV tuner cards also allow you to catch other over-the-air signals, such as AM/FM radio.

Picture Quality

The picture quality that different video capture cards deliver varies and if quality is essential for you, be sure to read reviews of different tuners. Media now often comes in high definition, so for the best quality possible, you should pick a TV tuner that can capture HD signals. This function brings you vibrant colours and rich details.