Video Game Screen Protectors

Video game screen protectors add an extra layer of protection to video game screens. Screen protectors ensure that scratches are not made directly to the screen, but to the screen protector instead. They protect video game screens from the damage caused by everyday use, fingerprints and dust, also minimising glare caused by sunlight. Using a video game screen protector can extend the life of your video game console.


Video game screen protectors are available for many different video game consoles. It is important to know the specific model of video game console you have so that you can buy the correct size. Video game screen protectors can be washable, which allows users to wipe dust and grim off and almost always will be anti-scratch protectors. Some video screen protectors are sold separately and some are sold in multi-packs so that they can be replaced as needed.


Before applying a video game screen protector, wipe down the video game console’s screen. Some screen protectors are sold with anti-static cleaning wipes to use. Next, reveal about an inch of the screen protector’s sticky surface and line it up with the video game screen. Stick the exposed part of the screen protector to the video game screen, and slowly pull away the screen protector’s backing until the screen protector is fully on the video game screen. A squeegee, sometimes included with screen protectors, will help to smooth out air pockets and bumps. Often, screen protectors have backing on both the front and back; if this is the case, remove the final piece of backing to finish.

Other Products

Other products can be purchased to protect your video game consoles. In addition to screen protectors, cases, covers and bags can protect your consoles and controllers, ensuring you get the most out of the device.