Essential Information to Know Before Purchasing Nintendo GameCube Games

Nintendo is responsible for some of the most iconic gaming systems in the history of video games. The company's console system, the Nintendo GameCube, is known to have some of the most sought-after games in Nintendo's catalog. eBay has numerous GameCube games for you to collect.

Top off your collection with a desired collectible.

Included in the GameCube games for sale are some games desired by collectors because of their rarity and their condition. Some of the games are valuable because they were special editions a limited production. Others are desired because they are in mint condition or are still wrapped in the original plastic packaging material. The following are some of the valuable games found at eBay.

  • "The Legend of Zelda" Promotional Disc - This game includes all four Legend of Zelda games from the NES and Nintendo 64 in a higher resolution.
  • "Mega Man Network Transmission" - A sought-after game since it was the first Mega Man game to be in 3D. Because it is so loved, most copies of the game will be sold used.
  • "Super Smash Brothers Melee Player's Choice Edition" - The Player's Choice label indicates it is one of the highest-selling games on the system. You can find several versions on eBay still in the brand-new packaging.
  • "Star Fox Assault" - The factory-sealed version of this iconic game is available.
From which developers can you find cheap GameCube games?

While Nintendo itself made a good portion of the most played games on the GameCube like the Mario GameCube games, several developers produced games for the Nintendo GameCube during its run in the 2000s. You can purchase game cube games from many of these companies on eBay that includes:

  • Activision - Well known for the Tony Hawk Pro Skater series and Call of Duty.
  • EA Sports - Responsible for the Madden football series.
  • Capcom - Made most of the superhero games.
  • Sega - Made all the Sonic the Hedgehog games.
  • Ubisoft - Developed the Tom Clancy GameCube games as well as Rayman 3 and Prince of Persia.
Do all the games come with the original case?

While they can be sold in their original cases you should always check the GameCube games eBay offers for each game you are interested in to see what is included with the game disk. Some come with the original case and direction booklet. Other listings only have the game disc. Obviously, the games with the case and direction booklet are more valuable.