Sega Mega Drive Video Games

Released in 1990 in Europe, the Sega Mega Drive had over 800 video games developed both by Sega and third-party publishers. Games were produced on ROM cartridges, often now called game cartridges and were placed into the cartridge slot in the top of the Mega Drive. Over time, the Mega Drive supported games for a wide demographic of players and included video games that are now considered to be classics.


One of the most classic genres of video games, the player must progress through levels by climbing platforms and defeat or avoid enemies along the way. The most iconic platforming game of the Sega Mega Drive is the Sonic the Hedgehog series. Players control Sonic through fast gameplay and speed through levels, collecting gold rings, avoiding traps and must ultimately defeat the evil Doctor Robotnik. Other games include Earthworm Jim and Castlevania: Bloodlines.


Played as either by a single player or by two people competing against each other, fighting games have become a staple genre. Players choose from a roster of characters with varying abilities and must defeat a succession of enemies to win. Originally an arcade game, Mortal Kombat follows the monk Liu Kang and his journey to defeat the sorcerer, Shang Tsung. Unlike in other consoles, the Mega Drive version of Mortal Kombat retained the gory animations and finishing moves. Street Fighter, Primal Rage and Streets of Rage are all classic fighting games that can be played on the Mega Drive.


Players engage enemies with a simple objective – to shoot their way out of a bad situation. Contra: Hard Corps was the first of the Contra series to be released on the Mega Drive, in which the player takes control of the task force known as Hard Corps and is able to embark on multiple branching storylines for different potential endings. Steel Empire, Arrow Flash and Truxton are some of many of the shooting games available on the Mega Drive console.