Video Glasses

Video glasses provides a big screen experience in a small package. Perfect for travelling or wanting privacy, these glasses come in a range if styles and price ranges.


Its important to consider how you would like your new TV glasses to access your media. Some models provide the option for internal storage, meaning you can load up your favourite films and TV shows to take them anywhere. Other models are made to connect with a specific device either wirelessly or through an attached cord.

Mobile Device Compatible

There are many models of smart glasses which do not have an integrated LCD display but instead allow you to connect your smartphone to the glasses. Switching out an integrated display makes these glasses more accessible and although the experience will not be quite as immersive as the u001aall-in-one models, it is more budget friendly. These models also serve a purpose for frequent or long distance travellers as they are more compact and lightweight. The NOON VR headset is a great mobile compatible option to consider.

Immersive Experience

Newer models offer technology mimicking that of virtual reality. A fully immersive 3D experience blocks off all other stimuli meaning you will be able to enjoy screen time without any distractions. Higher end models such as the Sony HMZ-T1 Personal 3D Viewer support this kind of media experience.

Remote Control

Many models of TV glasses have a compatible remote control device. This allows you to easily navigate menus and adjust settings without needing to remove the glasses. Some of these controllers are sold separately. The very popular VR Box comes with a conveniently designed handheld remote.