Ramp Up Your Media Room With Video Media Accessories

Need some accessories for the media room? Don't have a media room yet, but want to put one together? You can do that right here on eBay, with items that will help you organise, protect, and keep track of your video media. Looking after your video media doesn't need to be a drama, with a selection of items suited to a range of digital and even older video products like VHS tapes.

One collection all in a single case

If you love CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs, but struggle to store a large collection, a simple and elegant answer is a disc storage case. They come in sizes from small to huge, and you can store from 10 to 250 discs in one. That's a lot of listening – or viewing – hours! Another benefit of using a storage case is that all of your discs are together; no more dramas because you can't find the show's third season you're in the middle of bingeing or the second in that series of movies you invited friends over to watch.

Replacement disc cases

Accidents happen, even in the most careful of homes. If you've broken the case on a favourite movie or TV show disc, the simplest solution is to buy another case. You can find a selection of clear or coloured DVD and Blu-ray disc covers here – then all you need to do is transfer the disc and cover art to its new home.

Protector sleeves

If you want to stop the accident before it even occurs, though, or keep collectors' items in perfect condition, consider picking up a pack of protector sleeves. These will keep dust, spills, and environmental moisture away from your most precious discs, and keep them looking as good as new for as long as possible. You can find them sized for single disc covers, as well as standard box set sizes. Whatever discs you need to protect, there's a protector sleeve to suit.