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Vintage Clothing, Shoes, and Accessories

The beauty about trends is that what looks old looks new from time to time. This means that your grandad’s hand-me-downs might come in useful someday. From coats to heels, shoes, and dresses, you can use a bunch of vintage clothing, shoes, and accessory combinations to bring some old-school style in your outfit of the day.

Vintage Women’s Shoes

Shoes in retro colours like hot red, classic leather brown, and olive green make for great additions to your vintage wardrobe. Paired with a lovely emerald green dress, black open-toe vintage leather heels can wrap the outfit up nicely for an evening date. Martinez Valero satin party shoes are great to wear when dancing the night away, while a pair of modest retro suede shoes can complement a red satin party dress.

Women’s Vintage Clothing

Betty Boop’s style seems to be a trend that comes back time and again, and for good reason. Throw on a red dancing skirt over a polka dotted white shirt, and be the prettiest girl on the dance floor. If you like to be more discreet, a vintage green floral dress paired with olive green flats can keep you comfortable and pretty all night. There’s bound to be women's vintage clothing that suits your style.

Men’s Vintage Clothing

Men can also enjoy vintage clothing style. Indulge in rockabilly flair by finding a great vintage drill shirt. For cold nights out, an old-school trench coat or an aztec retro sweater can keep you warm yet exceedingly stylish.

Vintage Accessories

Accessories add a lot to an outfit to make it look vintage. You don’t need to throw on retro shoes to look the part. You just need the right pair of round sunglasses and you have the look. Most importantly, pick your era. A good vintage look depends a lot on how all the pieces look together, so combining other vintage clothing and accessories styled from the same decade is always a good bet.