Feed your nostalgia with vintage computer parts & accessories

There’s something special about encountering the toys and games we used as children. Whether you love feeling like a kid at heart or enjoy owning the machines you wished you had as a child, collecting vintage computer parts & accessories have become an important pastime for many adults. While dozens of brands have sold technology in the past decades that are now considered vintage, there are a few that have a special place within the history of gaming and computers.


Few brands bring back such a sense of nostalgia as Atari. As one of the first home gaming system producers, Atari helped define the development of home electronics throughout the 1970s and 1980s. Some of their products included Pong and Atari Breakout. For many kids and adults alike, these were the first electronic entertainment devices in their homes.


Sold by Commodore after 1985, Amiga products were as varied as they were pioneering. What began as a home computer line diversified to sell gaming joysticks, monitors, and floppy disks. Now, collectors enjoy buying vintage games that showcase the ingenuity and diversity of decades past.

AmstradThe British company Amstrad marks a huge part of vintage computing history. Their Amstrad PCW personal computer brought an impressive amount of convenience to families during the 1980s. The Amstrad GX4000 was released in 1990 and offered superior graphics for gaming.

Whether you love vintage computer parts & accessories for their diversity, history, or pioneering spirit, one thing is for sure. These machines are a part of our collective past, and a favourite pastime for the present-day collector.

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