Vintage Fishing

Humans have been catching fish for longer than recorded history, and our tools for doing so have only gotten more and more refined. So why would you go back and buy vintage fishing equipment? For one, even equipment from fifty years ago is well ahead of a wooden branch and piece of twine, and an old fishing float or lure, when kept in good condition, still work perfectly fine. But the real reason is a love of vintage and restored gear - the satisfaction of getting something old to work again.

Throw Your Rod

The most iconic piece of fishing equipment is obviously the fishing rod. While a lot of technological advances have been made in regards to material and construction, it still remains essentially a flexible, but not too flexible, stick. There are vintage fishing rods for all types of fishing available, from fly-fishing to boat and trolling rods, though obviously some rods will have more moving parts, and will take a bit more maintenance and work to keep performing.

Reel Them In

If you’re going for a casting rod, you’ll also need a vintage fishing reel if the rod doesn’t come with one, or if the one it comes with is beyond salvaging and needs replacing. There are a couple of different kinds of reels, and not all of them are best for the same purposes, so be sure to have a close look at what you’re purchasing.

Bait and Switch

Any rod needs a lure of some kind, and vintage fishing lures are also a collectible item on top of being something that can go on your fishing line. A lot of older lures were handcrafted, which adds that extra touch for the collectors. Vintage fishing lures are distinguished by material, and by what kind of fish they work best for. Lures work by imitating the normal diet of a fish, so obviously work best when you tailor them to a particular species and their prey of preference.