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Perfect a Classic Swing With Vintage Golf Clubs and Shafts

Vintage golf clubs can make nice collector's items, and many of them are serviceable and ready for you to take to your next professional or recreational outing. You can check out a wide selection of affordable old golf clubs for sale on eBay. Examining some of the materials and types of clubs or shafts you can find there will help you pick the right golf accessories for you.

How do you select materials for your antique golf clubs?

Each old golf club that you find for sale on eBay may use materials that are common among antiques but not necessarily standard with contemporary shafts. Here are just a few of the main materials you can find for antique golf clubs:

  • Shafts - Vintage club shafts may use aged hardwoods such as hickory. In many cases, the wooden shafts have developed a unique patina, and some of these items may be stained for a particular look.
  • Heads - Many contemporary golf heads use stainless steel or titanium as base materials. Some of the vintage heads you can find on eBay will use flanged iron heads.
  • Grips - Vintage golf grips for club shafts are often wrapped in stacked leather for a classic aesthetic.
Finding complete sets of vintage golf clubs

In addition to single shafts, you can find entire sets of inexpensive antique golf clubs for sale on eBay. The number of shafts in each set can vary, but many of these groups include old golf clubs such as putters, irons, and woods. Purchasing a set of old golf clubs can be a good way to get the particular antiques you want to add to your collection at a price that is reasonable for your budget.

Can you get unused antique golf clubs?

Most of the old golf clubs for sale that you find on eBay have been used at some point. Many of these vintage shafts show some natural signs of age or wear. However, you may be able to find pre-owned clubs that have been refurbished to look similar to their factory conditions and stored for some time. These vintage golf clubs can add some classic appeal to your caddy but are intended to perform like new shafts. If you want to maximise your options for finding just the right old golf club that meets your specifications, it's a good idea to look at the regular and restored antique shafts that you can find on eBay.

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