Explore and Collect colourful Vintage Hat Boxes

Old-fashioned hat boxes can be just as decorative and collectible as the pieces they are meant to secure. You can check out an interesting mix of men's and women's vintage hot boxes for sale at low prices on eBay. Getting to know some of the brands, designs, and materials in antique hatboxes will help you find the ones that match your personal preferences.

Finding hat box styles that suit your needs

Many companies produce boxes for hats that are modeled on particular styles or periods of fashion. In many cases, the boxes are done in the same style as the kinds of hats they are meant to contain. However, you can display a whole range of collectible hat boxes, and you can keep your favorite headgear in any style of box that will fit it. All sizes for hat boxes are listed in US measurements for your convenience. See the manufacturer site for details. Brands such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Dobbs, and Knox might produce vintage hat boxes for items in periods such as Victorian or Edwardian. Other styles might include the flapper, glam rock, or simple geometric shapes.

How do you choose materials for your antique hat boxes?

Different companies used various components in the construction of vintage hat boxes, and you can browse through eBay to find the unused or secondhand items that use the basic materials of your choice. You may wish to choose a material for your affordable hat box based on how you plan to use it. Here are just some of the options you will discover:

  • Tin - Some of these boxes are also known as tins thanks to the kinds of materials they use. If you want a metal vintage hat box for your headgear, tin is one of the usual components you will find.
  • Velvet - Some men's and women's hats were stored in decorative boxes that used delicate materials such as velvet or silk to create a classic appeal.
  • Plastic - If you want to find an old-fashioned hat box that might be useful for storing your things for travel, you can look for a hard plastic case.
Searching for decorative artwork on your boxes

Many companies made vintage hat boxes with interesting or unique artwork and patterns that you might enjoy displaying. You'll find some unused and preowned hat boxes on eBay that have vintage company logos emblazoned on the front panels. However, you can also find items with delicate floral prints, stripes, and designs for buildings or murals printed across the materials.