Vintage Home Phones

Add a touch of whimsical class to your home or office with vintage home telephones and accessories dating from the 1900s through the 1990s. Whether you want an original or a faithful replication with modern conveniences and sound quality, there's a huge range of vintage mobile phones and retro-inspired home phones from which to select.

A Different Age of Communication

The telephone was first invented at the end of the 19th century, but it has gone through countless transformations in the decades since. While they may not have the technological capabilities of the smartphones of today, vintage phones still retain a classic charm and will transport you back to a different age of communication.

Early Vintage Home Phones

Add an antique feature to your home decor with a turn-of-the-20th-century reproduction wooden phone with touch-tone dial and a brass bell, or hearken back to the 1930s with wall phones or corded desk phones from the period. Viscount-style 1920s desk phones are also available, together with 1910s porcelain phones with classic Blue Delft floral patterns.

Retro Home Phones

If bright colours and a retro look are more your thing, opt for 1950s- or 1960s-era vintage home phones. Reproductions come with either dial or push buttons, giving you the option to retain its classic appearance or take advantage of more recent phone technology features.

Vintage Mobile Phones

Not interested in keeping up with the latest technology and mobile phone releases? Then why not opt for a reliable, early mobile phone model? With their retro charm, vintage mobile phones are seeing somewhat of a resurgence and make for a unique talking point. They may not come with all the cutting-edge features and Internet capabilities of the latest mobile phones, but they'll still do the job when it comes to talk and text.