Everything You Need to Know About Buying Vintage Old School BMX Bike Parts

Vintage BMX parts can be useful if you are trying to rebuild or repair an older BMX bike or if you simply want to relive your youth with the classic style. No matter the reason, there are all sorts of great parts available for old school and vintage BMX bikes. Here is everything you need to know when shopping on eBay for affordable old school BMX bikes, parts, and accessories.

What types of old school BMX bike parts are available?

There are all sorts of parts for your vintage BMX style. Here are some that are commonly available on eBay:

  • Vintage BMX parts like a freestyle GT Performer frame ready to finish in your favorite colour.
  • Old school BMX pieces like a vintage Diamond Back handlebar set, plus grips in a variety of colours.
  • Vintage rims like a set of 20-inch Araya wheels with hubs.
  • Individual frame parts like forks, posts, and clamps
  • Seats, seat stems, and clamps individually or in sets.
How to choose the right old school BMX bike parts

With all of those parts available, you want to make sure you choose the right ones for your project. Here are some tips to help you out:

First, establish what style and model of bike you are working on. If your vintage bike isn't well-marked, you can compare it to complete bikes for a better idea.

Do you want to keep that style or are you looking for a change? Swapping handlebars or your seat post can change up the look of your bike without compromising its old school style.

You also want to decide if you are looking for new or used parts. True vintage BMX bike parts will probably be used, but you can also find some that have never been used or new parts designed in the old school style. New parts are often tires, seats, and other items that wear easily.

Consider buying a vintage BMX for sale for its parts

There are several reasons you might want to look for a complete BMX bike. First, it can be a great way to buy a lot of parts in one place. If you are doing a complete overhaul, you might appreciate having all of those spare parts around.

In addition to parts, buying a vintage BMX bike may allow you to start rebuilding one. Look for a project bike that needs work, and then buy the extra parts you will need to help bring it back to serviceable condition.