Take a drive through the past with vintage pedal cars

Do you love cars? Antiques? Vintage pedal cars bring together the nostalgia of the past with the history of automobiles in a collector's item you won't want to pass up.

What are vintage pedal cars?

Pedal cars are toys designed for children that allow the child to control the car's movements using a pair of pedals. Pedal cars typically have four wheels and one steering wheel, mimicking the build of a real automobile. Vintage pedal cars are the toys that are still with us after decades. Because of their age, they're usually thought of as collector's items rather than toys, much like antique tin toys. Those who are intrigued by antiques or everyday items of the past may have a particular interest in vintage pedal cars.

What to consider when buying vintage pedal cars

Vintage pedal cars are prized possessions for automobile fans and antique collectors alike. Pedal cars can remind us of our childhood, or remark on how far we've come, but there are a few things to consider before making your purchase. The first consideration is the condition of the car. Vintage and antique toy vehicles can be fragile after decades of wear and tear. While some are restored and repaired, others are left in their original condition. Be sure you know which condition you want before adding one to your collection.

You may also want to think about the size of the vintage pedal car. Decades ago, vintage pedal cars were children's toys, literally putting them in the driver's seat. That means that these cars can be large enough to fit a small child, so you'll want to make sure you have a big enough space to fit your new pedal car and keep it in good condition.

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