Vintage Record Players

Vintage Record Players

Though digital media largely replaced physical music, including records, cassettes, and CDs, you cant beat the sound of your favourite songs on vinyl. Plenty of audiophiles still collect and listen to records, and purchasing vintage record players is part of that hobby. Its fun to come across a record player in prime condition and listen to music as it should sound.

Portable Power

Many retro record players, along with vintage radios, offer portability. Some of these look like small suitcases that protect a record player inside and make it easy to carry the player by the handle from place to place. Brands like Bahama offer up these players with built-in carrying cases, and include features like four speeds of play and the ability to stack records. Kingsley is another brand to look for, and the sleek exterior is still chic today. Princess portable players dont have a case but a handle attached, with a snap-on lid that covers the player when you travel.

In Stereo

You can purchase a player separately and add other components for a custom audio system, or you can purchase a record player that includes vintage speakers. These stereo systems usually come with a turntable, a built-in radio, and speakers already installed for the most premium sound. Not meant for portable purposes, these larger systems typically come in a cabinet with closing doors that protects the equipment, and standing speakers promise high-performance sound. Smaller turntables without a cabinet can sit on top of a dresser or media centre with speakers standing nearby.

Raised on Radio

Radiograms are essentially pieces of furniture that play music. In essence, a radiogram is a large cabinet that offers multiple types of musical media all in one package. Radiograms generally come with a turntable, radio, and in some cases, a cassette player or television, when those forms of media became popular. These retro pieces are highly prized collectibles, and they offer multiple functions as well as storage options for media, such as records and tapes.

Parts and Accessories

Purchasing a record player requires a somewhat rudimentary knowledge of necessities that keep the player working. Record needles require replacement from time to time, so those are good to have handy, and you may need to install a new arm to restore an old player. Add speakers and amplifiers as you desire, and you need the right cables to hook up the player.

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