Vintage/Retro Bedside Tables

Vintage Retro Bedside Tables

Whether you want to use vintage or retro terminology to describe the furniture choices you desire, the two words are pretty much used interchangeably. Both words are often found in descriptions of items that are at least 20 years old. While modern bedside tables come in many attractive designs, there are so many qualities about older bedside tables that make them so appealing.

Classic Style

Retro bedside tables have a classic look that never goes out of style. These tables are beautiful finishing touches for bedroom decor, and they also make a great resting spot for books, alarm clocks, lamps, or other items you want to keep close to hand. Tall retro tables often come with long legs that give the furniture a classic look that is so appealing. Tall bedside tables may not always be as sturdy as shorter versions, which is why a lot of people use tall retro tables in spare bedrooms that do not receive heavy use in order preserve the integrity of the table.


Just like modern bedside tables, vintage bedside tables are also available in various construction materials, such as teak bedside tables that are so attractive and versatile. Bedside tables with a particleboard and veneer composition are lightweight, which makes them perfect for resting drinks, tablets, medication, lamps, and other objects that you want to have within easy reach. Wooden bedside tables are typically heavier and very durable, which makes them ideal to keep in rooms that receive heavy use.


Need some extra storage space? Bedside tables come in an assortment of styles, like the popular two-drawer vintage retro bedside tables that can help free clutter from tabletops but still keep important items close to hand. There are also styles that include a cabinet door, which is good for tucking away tall objects or items that require stacking.


It is possible to find retro tables that are still in the box and require assembly. Do not let assembling the bedside table deter you from a great find. Most tables go together easily and do not require much more than a screwdriver and maybe an extra set of hands to complete the assembly process. While it is possible for a single person to assemble most bedside tables, many find the process to be faster when someone else helps to hold parts in place.