Vintage Televisions

Vintage Televisions

Vintage televisions not only add a retro vibe for the nostalgia of yesteryear, many of them are still in good, working order. It may be a neat touch to add a vintage TV set to your game room or family room as a secondary television. You can select vintage television shows to watch on the older TV, for family or game night. Choose from a wide selection of vintage television models to add a piece of history to your entertainment ensemble.

Vintage Floor Models

There are many vintage floor TVs from the 1950s and 1960s still in existence. To get television programmes to work with older models, you may also need to invest in an antenna. The colour tubes on these older models only show black and white, and only connect to a few channels, but offer a real vintage feel and look.

Handheld TVs

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, handheld, portable televisions were quite a novelty. Mainly with black and white colour programmes, these pocket televisions often had an LCD screen and fit neatly in the palm of your hand––like a visual equivalent to the Sony Walkman. There were also larger, portable battery-powered TVs that you could easily take from room to room. Like an older floor model, these may require an antenna to get them to work in modern times, but are well worth the investment.

Older Colour Models

Before flat-screen and plasma TVs, there were vintage colour models that offered more benefits than their early black and white counterparts. With more channels at your disposal, and an attached antenna, these modern televisions were at the peak of technology back in their day. Today, they are considered vintage along with the older models, and provide a great conversation piece. You can also pair older VCRs with many of these older televisions, provided you have the right hookups and cables.


If you have older and vintage televisions that require parts or you need instruction on how to repair them, the original manuals from many of these retro televisions are still in circulation. Look for older rays, tubes and manuals from such brands as RCA, Radiola and Casio.