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Vinyl Cutter Plotter

The top of the range vinyl cutter comes with multi interface for USB, USB disk direct cut and serial port. Software-driven, these vinyl cutters have fully automated contour cutting to reduce human error and can be used for T-shirts, signage, stickers and reflective film. They also come with support and service assistance from the manufacturer. The vinyl cutter has a floor stand and media basket for collecting the vinyl as it comes through the machine. The size is 720mm for those larger tasks.If you like scrapbooking and craft, a desktop vinyl cutter plotter is what you need to help you create clean cuts and images for your projects. You can use the vinyl cutter for any number of your home crafts - stationery, greeting cards, scrapbooks and home decor. Easy to use and backed by 24 hour forum support you dont need to be an expert to add a sophisticated desktop cutter to your craft appliances. You can also find materials such as Pu Vinyl transfer film for t-shirts for use in a plotter cutter eBay.

A vinyl cutter plotter is a piece of computer equipment used for sign making and may be large and freestanding for commercial use or compact and desktop size for home use. It used to cut out vinyl sign lettering and other images for a range of things from billboards to bumper stickers. The vinyl used is like a sticker material, with a vinyl facing and adhesive backing attached to a paper lining. Heat-transferable vinyl, often for use in making T-shirts, is also widely available and can be used with plotters.

A vinyl cutter plotter, or vinyl sign cutter, is an essential tool if you are making signs and lettering in vinyl. On eBay there are new and used vinyl cutter plotters for sale as well as materials and software. All your printing needs can be met with printing rolls and large format printing computers.

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For all your sign making tools and materials you can look to eBay to find just what you need.