Got one to sell?

Got one to sell?

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Buying musical instruments can be particularly stressful, mostly because you have a lot of things to check on your list of features and specifications. This is no different with a viola, which both amateur musicians and professionals alike enjoy. When buying one, make sure it suits your level of musicianship and particular requirements. Some of the most important factors to consider include size, materials and accessories.

Viola Size

Perhaps the most important part of choosing your viola, the right size is a sure way to be comfortable, even when you've been playing your instrument for hours. If the one you choose is too big, you are likely to get stiff or tired, and this may have an impact on your performance. As a rule of thumb, full-size violas are mostly suited for adults. Children's violas should be sized accordingly by a professional for best results. The size of only refers to the length of the body and excludes the neck.

Viola Materials

The quality of materials used to manufacture a viola impact the sound and also price. Though all violas are made from wood, you should consider still the quality of the material. For example, violas made from European woods generally have warmer tones, whereas those made from American or Chinese woods have a brighter sound.

Viola Accessories

A solid viola case to store and transport it is essential because the instrument is very fragile. You also need a quality viola bow to play the instrument, as well as an optional shoulder rest that can provide you with an extra layer of support for enhanced comfort.

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